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Apex: -3D Bathroom Designer Retail Box No Warranty on Software
Product Overview

The Arcon 3D Bathroom Designer for PC is the perfect way to transform your ideas from paper to live 3D renditions! This software helps you design the look and feel of your bathroom in its tiniest detail.The Arcon 3D Bathroom Designer offers a large range of objects, colours, materials and styles that you can combine to design your dream bathroom. The user-friendly software has drag-and-drop functionality for easy construction, and can create up to 2 floors and 1 building. Start with the walls and add doors, beams, supports and windows as you go along. Tools like user guidelines, measuring and ruler tools, automatic and manual dimensions, room layouts and more are at your disposal to help you get started. Once the basics are done, you can get into the details by adding some of the 1,100 relevant bathroom objects, 1,300 textures and materials or even using the block editor to create additional shaped objects. Use the walk through feature to examine your bathroom in close-up detail and save high quality images of any 2D/3D view. Throughout the creation process, you can use the 2D and 3D section views to review and change elements. Once it’s finished, you can share it with friends and family in complete 3D mode, with lighting and shadows, or save it in BMP, JPG, WMF or EMF formats.The Arcon 3D Bathroom Designer is a great way to transform your ideas into real home projects.

Easy-to-use interface for planning and designing.
Drag and drop construction elements including walls, doors, windows, beams and supports.
Create up to 2 floors and 1 building.
Supports metric and imperial.
Existing placed walls can be edited using a set of wall editing tools.
Set up project using guidelines, measuring and ruler tool.
Automatic and manual dimensions.
Produce room layouts quickly using planner.
Examine your room in detail by cutting through it at any angle and to generate 2D elevations and 3D section views automatically.
The block editor feature can be used to create additional shaped objects.
Add additional 2D drawing symbols with graphics editor.
Supports the use of TrueType fonts that may already be installed.
2D and 3D views can be viewed simultaneously.
1,100 relevant objects included to help furnish your project.
1,300 relevant textures can be applied to floors walls and ceilings.
View 3D model in several modes from wireframe to texture.
Any 3D view can be rendered to see the effect of lighting and shadows. A rendered view can be saved to file.
Any viewpoint can be saved for later recall.
Easily walk through completed projects.
Import a digital image into the background of your 3D view.
Create tiled areas either on wall or floor using the Tile Planner program.
Save as BMP, JPG, WMF, EMF.
Context sensitive help, direct online access to video tutorials, new objects, new textures, updates and forum.


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