Apex Start Writing your Novel with… New Novelist


Apex Start Writing your Novel with… New Novelist Versio, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software

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Apex Start Writing your Novel with… New Novelist Versio, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software
Alternate Description
Start Writing Your Novel With New Novelist Version 1

Product Overview

Have you always wanted to write a book, but never known where to start? Whether you want to write the next best seller or just want to make more productive use of your spare time, then NewNovelist is for you!

Start Writing!-

Start one novel today. Start a dozen. Develop one character or a thousand. The only limit is your imagination!

Hone Your Writing Skills
NewNovelist will guide you through the entire process of writing a novel, from the planning stage right through to completing your first draft. You will be given advice on the pace of your story; the degree of suspense to maintain, even the amount of time you might use for each element of your story.

Create a living, breathing world

NewNovelist encourages you to know your story before you begin writing. Create characters and the software will prompt you to develop them in as much detail as possible, meaning you can focus your creativity and energy on the storytelling. Flat, one dimensional characters are a thing of the past!
 Create locations so realistic that readers are transported into your world. The supplied questions help you build up background knowledge and encourage you to write more descriptively.

•Plan and create your complete story, characters and events.
•Collate all your ideas, and develop your novel methodically.
•Tutorial you’ll never be left with a blank screen.
•Global Notes keep all your notes in one easily accessible place.
•Resource Centre the best writers’ resources on the Web.
•Features extracts from Wannabe a Writer? A book by Writing Magazine’s Jane Wenham-Jones.

System Requirements
•PC Operating System: Windows® Me / 2000 / XP / Vista
•PC CPU Type and Speed: 450MHz Pentium® II or equivalent
•Hard Drive Space (MB): 20MB
•Memory: 64MB
•Graphics: Any 800x600x16bit colour graphics card
•Audio: Any 100% DirectX compatible sound card
•Printer: Required to print your story
•Internet: Required for use with the Resource Centre


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