BTI Gateway NV44


BTI Gateway NV44 -10.8V, 4400mAh -6 Cells, Retail Box , 18 months warranty

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BTI Gateway NV44 -10.8V, 4400mAh -6 Cells Retail Box 18 months warranty 

Product Description
Need a battery for your laptop/notebook? BTI has you covered with our premium 6 cell 4800mAh 10.8v lithium-ion battery. Manufactured by BTI and built to the highest quality standards, this battery meets or exceeds the original manufacturer’s specifications and comes with an industry leading 18 month warranty.

This product is compatible with the following OEM part number:
•Acer AK.006BT.026
•E-Machine AK.006BT.026
•Gateway AK.006BT.026
•Gateway AS09C31
•Gateway AS09C71
•Gateway BT.00603.093
•Gateway BT.00607.072
•Packard Bell LC.BTP00.050

• Product Type-Notebook Battery
• Brand Name-BTI
• Product Model- GT-NV44
• Product Name-Notebook Battery
• Battery Capacity-4800 mAh
• Battery Rechargeable-Yes
• Battery Chemistry-Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)6-cell
• Output Voltage 10.8 V DC

Acer Extensa 5235, 5635, 5635G, 5635Z, 5635ZG
Gateway NV4802
Packard Bell Easy Note NJ31, NJ65, NJ66

Look for your Notebook Model here
Acer Extensa 5235-301G16MN, 5235-302G32MN, 5235-304G50N, 5235-312G16MN, 5235-312G16N, 5235-312G25Mn, 5235-312G32Mn, 5235-332G16Mikk, 5235-332G16Mn, 5235-332G16Mnkk, 5235-332G16N, 5235-332G25MN, 5235-332G32Mn, 5235-334G50Mn, 5235-352G32Mn, 5235-354G50Mn, 5235-571G16N, 5235-902G25N, 5235-902G32MN, 5235-904G16Mn, 5235-90G16Mn, 5235-T352G16Mnkk, 5235-T352G25Mnkk, 5235-T352G32Mn, 5635-6011, 5635-652G16MN, 5635-652G16Mnkk, 5635-652G16N, 5635-652G25Mnkk, 5635-652G25N, 5635-652G32Mi, 5635-652G32Mnkk, 5635-653G25Mi, 5635-653G25Mn, 5635-654G25Mn, 5635-654G32Mn, 5635-654G64Mn, 5635-662G25MN, 5635-662G32Mn, 5635-663G25MN, 5635-663G32Mn, 5635-663G50Mn, 5635-6761, 5635-6897, 5635G, 5635G-652G16Mi, 5635G-652G25Mi, 5635G-652G32MN, 5635G-652G32Mnkk, 5635G-653G32MN, 5635G-653G50Mn, 5635G-654G25Mi, 5635G-654G25Mn, 5635G-654G32Mi, 5635G-654G50N, 5635G-662G25MN, 5635G-663G32, 5635G-663G32MN, 5635G-664G25Mn, 5635G-664G32Mn, 5635G-664G32N, 5635G-664G50Mn, 5635G-754G32Mn, 5635Z-4224, 5635Z-432G16MN, 5635Z-432G25MN, 5635Z-432G32Mn, 5635Z-433G25Mn, 5635Z-433G32MN, 5635Z-433G50Mn, 5635Z-434G32Mn, 5635Z-434G50MN, 5635Z-441G16MN, 5635Z-441G16N, 5635Z-441G16N_Full Linux, 5635Z-442G16MN, 5635Z-442G25MN, 5635Z-442G25N, 5635Z-442G32MN, 5635Z-443G25N, 5635Z-443G32Mi, 5635Z-443G32Mn, 5635Z-443G64Mn, 5635Z-444G25MN, 5635Z-444G32MN, 5635Z-444G32N, 5635Z-452G25MN, 5635Z-452G25MNkk, 5635z-452G32Mnkk, 5635Z-453G32Mn, 5635Z-454G50MN, 5635Z-454G50Mnkk, 5635ZG-432G16Mi, 5635ZG-432G25MN, 5635ZG-432G32N, 5635ZG-433G32Mn, 5635ZG-433G32N, 5635ZG-433G50Mn, 5635ZG-434G32Mn, 5635ZG-434G50Mn, 5635ZG-442G16Mi, 5635ZG-442G25Mi, 5635ZG-442G25Mn, 5635ZG-442G32Mn, 5635ZG-443G25Mi, 5635ZG-443G25MN, 5635ZG-443G32Mn, 5635ZG-443G50N, 5635ZG-444G32Mn, 5635ZG-444G50MN, 5635ZG-452G16Mikk, 5635ZG-452G50Mn, 5635ZG-453G25MN, 5635ZG-454G25MN, 5635ZG-454G50Mnkk
Gateway NV4802E
Packard Bell Easy Note NJ31-RB010FR, NJ65-AU-010CZ, NJ65-DT-010CZ, NJ66-AU-006, NJ66-AU010FR


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