Luceco LR63W7W55 R63 E27 7W


Luceco LR63W7W55 R63 E27 7W – Warm White – 550 Lumens – 5700K Colour Temperature, Retail Box, 1 year warranty

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Luceco R63 E27 7W – Warm White – 550 Lumens – 5700K Colour Temperature, Retail Box , 1 year warranty
The Luceco R63 LED is equivalent to an old 60W Incandescent R63 Reflector Light, offering similar brightness using around 10th of the power. This E27 R63 LED Reflector Light uses 88% less energy than the original old bulb and lasts 30 times longer. Also, unlike standard energy savers, this LED bulb doesn’t contain mercury and switches on instantly. This LED Reflector is the best alternative to the old 60W E27 R63 Reflector Light. FlickerFree Non Dimmable LED.
What are the benefits of LED over traditional bulbs in my home?
• LED bulbs offer huge reductions in energy consumption compared to their traditional equivalent, lowering your electricity bill by up to 90 per cent while producing a very similar lighting effect. LED bulbs are much more efficient, which makes them cooler to the touch, and so are a much safer alternative for lamps which younger children may come into contact with.
• LEDs last up to ten times longer than their halogen equivalent, and between four and 40 times longer than other traditional products, and they produce consistent light output throughout the entirety of their life. This means that you won’t have to replace your bulbs anywhere near as often as you would with traditional household bulbs.
• LED bulbs do not contain a filament which could be damaged, making them an extremely stable light source. LED bulbs provide instant light with no warm up time or visible flicker, just 100 per cent light from the moment you switch it on. LED bulbs will fit into your existing fittings, and can be combined with all other types of household bulbs, allowing you to replace your bulbs one at a time, to suit you. This saves you having to replace every bulb at once.

What are the benefits of LED over traditional bulbs for the environment?
LED bulbs dramatically reduce carbon emissions due to them converting up to 80% of the energy used into light, making them a brilliant choice not just for your pocket, but for the environment too. LED bulbs contain no harmful chemicals, which makes them safer to use and allows them to be disposed of cheaply and safely with minimal environmental impact, compared to fluorescent fittings which require expensive safe disposal.


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