Philips Minicells Battery CR2025 Lithium Sold as


Philips Minicells Battery CR2025 Lithium Sold as Box of 10, Retail Box , No Warranty

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Philips Minicells Battery CR2025 Lithium-Sold as Box of 10, Retail Box , No Warranty

Product Overview

The Philips CR2025 is a 3V Lithium Minicells Battery also known as Coin Cell battery or Button Cell is 20mm in diameter and 2.5mm thick. The CR2025 Battery is your perfect power partner in your everyday life that is used for a variety of electronics such as calculators, car equipment; FA Instruments; Electronic Thermometers; IC Cards/Tags, Remote Controls , Portable Games and many other electronics. The Philips CR2025 Lithium Coin cell battery possesses remarkable features including long shelf life of 10 years, high energy density, flat discharge voltage, wide operating temperature and excellent storability with low self-discharge rate.

Please Note 
This product is sold as a Box of 10 with each unit individually packaged in a blister pack

• Stock Code-  CR2025-01B
• Description Philips Minicells Battery CR2025 Lithium Coin Cell
• Battery type: Button cell / Lithium
• Battery Technology: Lithium (Single Use)
• Capacity Range: 150 mAh 
• Current: 0.0002A
• Diameter: 20.0mm
• Height: 2.5mm
• Voltage: 3.00V
• Weight: 2.5g
• Shelf life: 10 years
• Replaces: 2025, CR2025, DL2025, EA100CF, ECR2025, KL2025, L12


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