Promate Chargmate.8 All in One Multi


Promate Chargmate.8 All in One Multi-regional USB power adapter with dual usb charging port for Mobile phones,Blackberry,iPad,iPhone,PDA’s,MP3/MP4 and a car power chargering socket adapter,LED Indicator,, Retail Box, 1 Year Warranty

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Promate chargMate.8 All in one, Multi-regional USB power adapter, with dual USB charing port and mobile tips – Retail Box 1 Year Warranty

All-in-one multi-regional USB power adapter for complete mobile charging solution

Product Overview

The Promate ChargMate.8 is an all-in-one multi-regional USB power adapter with 2 USB charging ports and 6 mobile charging pins for complete mobile charging solution. 4 multi-regional plugs and car charger paired with retractable USB cable for different pin connectivity  and charging options which are compatible with: Nokia (All Models), Samsung, Blackberry (All Models), iPod/iPhone, Sony Ericson and all media devices that use USB charging.


Dual USB charging port .
Compatible to iPod/iPhone, mobile phones and digital devices .
Multi-regional interchangeable plugs .
Additional Car socket with EU, UK, US and AU electric plugs .
LED indicator to show activity.
Added support for iPhone/iPod, Nokia, Mini-USB, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson mobile phones .
Over charge protection .
Short-circuit protection.

AC input: 100VAC~240VAC
DC output: 5.5V, 350mA

Compatibility :
iPhone and iPod,
Samsung mobile device,
Sony Ericsson device,                 
Mini USB chargeable devices
Micro USB chargeable devices
Nokia, 7- BlackBerry,

Package Contents

Promate ChargMate 8 All-in-One multi-regional USB power adapter
6 Adaptors For iPhone/iPod, Nokia, Mini-USB, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson mobile phones




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