Promate Propack.9900 Blackberry 9900 Kit


Promate Propack.9900 Blackberry 9900 Kit, Retail Box , 1 Year Warranty

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Promate Propack.9900 B/Berry 9900 Kit Retail Box 1 Year Warranty

Superior Accessory Kit for Blackberry 9900
Product Overview
The Promate proPack.9900 is the ultimate accessory kit for the Blackberry.9900. Designed to keep you full charged protected and connected wherever you are, this accessory kit has everything you could possibly need. Featuring a classy 12V DC car charger to keep your battery full when you are on the road, you can enjoy hands-free conversations thanks to the ultra compact Bluetooth headset. ProPack.9900 will also keep your Blackberry.9000 safe from harm. Choose between the stylish leather slipcase and the flexible transparent protective shell with removable screen guard for long-term defence. The proPack.9900 also comes with a separate cleaning cloth to keep your screen smudge-free at all times.Enrich your BlackBerry experience with proPack.9900.

• Portable Blackberry 9900 car charger.
• Black leather slip case with micro fibre lining.
• Mini Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR headset with compatible ear clip.
• Flexible protective shell that defends against abrasion.
• Removable screen protector with cleaning cloth for long-term protection.
Packaging Contents
• Leather case TPU Case
• Car charger
• Bluetooth earphone
• Cleaning cloth
• Screen protector
• Installation card
• Warranty card

For Blackberry 9900


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