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Promate Proshield.Air-C Premium Clear Screen Protector For Ipad Air, Retail Box , 1 Year Warranty

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Promate Proshield.Air-C Premium Clear Screen Protector For Ipad Air, Retail Box, 1 Year Warranty

Product Overview
The Promate proShield.Air-C is a clear screen protector that gives your iPad long-term premium screen protection against dust, marks, smudges and scratches. The screen finish allows superior touch-screen sensitivity and anti-glare features.  Complete with cleaning cloth and installation card, the proShield.Air-C is easy to attach and remove, leaving no residue behind and without interfering with touch screen responsiveness.

•iPad Air screen protector for long-term screen protection
•Protective Shield guard against dust, fingerprints, smudges, and scratches
•Does not interfere with touch-screen responsiveness
•Easy application and removal without any residue or screen damage
•Includes cleaning cloth and installation card
•Compatible with Apple iPad with Retina
•Display / iPad 3rd generation and iPad 2
•Made from thin sheet of PET material
•Applications for Screen Protector
•1.Clean your iPad screen from dust, smudges using the cleaning cloth.
•2.Pull the red tab marked Back and separate the protective file off the guard.
•3.Gently apply the film to the screen of iPad starting from the bottom to align the button and work the way up the screen.
•4.Gently scrape the installation card to squeeze out the bubbles.
•5.When finish applying pull the black tab marked Front of.

Designed for Apple Ipad.Air

Packing Contents
• Screen Protectors: proShield.Air-C
• Micro¬fiber Cleaning Cloth; Installation card


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