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Promate Therma-Duo Radiation Neutralizing Patch , Retail Box , 1 Year Warranty

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Promate Therma-Duo Radiation Neutralizing Patch , Retail Box , 1 Year Warranty 

Product Overview
The Promate Therma-Duo Radiation Neutralizing Patch is designed to neutralize the harmful effects of radiation. This anti-radiation Patch changes the nature of radiation such that it no longer interferes with the communication system between cells of the human body and protects the body from the harmful non-thermal effects of the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from your smartphone. The use of this Therma-Duo patch reduces the stress level in the human body, prevents loss of immunity and takes care of the non-thermal effects of Microwave radiation from mobile phones. Take precautions today for a better tomorrow with Therma-Duo!

•Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation
•Therma-Duo changes the nature of the radiation
•Protect your body against EMR
•Reduces Stress levels
•Prevents loss of immunity
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mobile compatibility application procedure.

Packing Contents
• Therma-Duo
• User Guide


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