Sceedo Fidget Spinner 3 Arm


Sceedo Fidget Spinner 3 Arm – Ying Yang No Packaging No Warranty

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Sceedo Fidget Spinner 3 Arm – Ying Yang No Packaging No Warranty
Product Overview:
The Sceedo Fidget Spinner is an addictive desk toy that allows you to focus on the task at hand without disrupting others. This product is made with high-quality steel bearings for maximum durability so you can fidget all you want. The product is very quiet so you can fidget without disrupting your co-workers, classmates, friends, or anybody else. Each Fidget Spinner comes with 4 bearings that you can rotate around so you can play with it in many different ways. Fidget Spinners are more than just a conversation piece. They are a wonderful tool for anybody that has ever felt stressed, anxious and needed a way to release that energy without being disruptive.


• A Unique Gift For Your Friends And Perfect Ornaments For Your Holiday Party
• Lightweight And Easy To Carry, You Can Play With It Anytime As You Like
• A Great Toy For Kids And Adults To Relieve Stress And Anxiety
• Funny Decompression Toy, Suitable For The Costume Party, Birthday Party, Fools Day, Etc.
• Using Method: Hold The Spinner In One Hand And Use The Other Hand To Spin It Rapidly


• Stock Code: 10627
• Description: Sceedo Fidget Spinner – Red Ying Yang
• Type: Fire Wheel, Triple Blade, Trolley Coin
• Frame material: ABS
• Colour: Red
• Bearings: Centre Bearing Material: Stainless Steel Bearing
• Swing Numbers: Tri-Bar Arm
• Detachable
• No Warranty


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