Serial ATA Cable LSI Logic


Serial ATA Cable LSI Logic (Sff- 8088 2m, OEM, 1 year Limited Warranty

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Serial ATA Cable LSI Logic (Sff- 8088 2m, OEM, 1 year Limited Warranty

Product Overview
Get Connected via the Multi-lane Expressway.
LSI’s award winning Multi-lane design enables highly reliable and streamlined enterprise-class SAS and SATA storage solutions by greatly reducing the number of cables needed to connect controllers, backplanes, and standard SAS/SATA drives.
The Multi-lane cable/connection system is fast, secure, simple, and clutter free. It combines the RAID controller’s multiple SAS/SATA ports into single locked connections. Multiple 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s lanes of SAS/SATA traffic travel through just one cable from the RAID controller to the system backplane or to multiple hard drives with a breakout cable.

Multi-lane Benefits
• Multiple lanes of high speed SAS/SATA traffic through a single cable.
• Increased system reliability.
• Reduced cable count.
• Streamlined storage.
• Locked connections.
• Improved airflow.




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