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Sharkoon LIGHT Gaming Mouse 16,000DPI, Retail Box , 1 Year warranty

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Sharkoon LIGHT Gaming Mouse 16,000DPI, Retail Box, 1 Year warranty
Product Overview: 
Lighter than light = Light²: For the fastest mouse movements and the most precise maneuvers, we’ve mercilessly reduced the Light² 200 down to its bones. With a weight of only 62 grams, this is not only our lightest mouse. It’s one of the lightest ever produced. All physical limits are nullified with its highly precise sensor of up to 16,000 DPI, an ultra-flexible cable, and five mouse feet made of pure PTFE for extreme sliding properties.
Lightness through Structure.
Due to the honeycomb structure of the sides, underside and the top surface, the weight of the gaming mouse has been reduced to its most essential. With only 62 grams, the Light² 200 is as light as air under your fingertips and enables fluid movements without noticeable resistance or fatigue.
Technology at eSport Level.
The optical PixArt 3389 sensor of the Light² 200 provides a professional resolution of up to 16,000 DPI. This can be modified for any gaming genre via the wide-ranging gaming software. In addition, the most important actions can be instantly performed with the help of the six programmable buttons.
• Product Code: 4044951029013
• Sharkoon LIGHT Gaming Mouse
• Max. DPI/CPI: 16,000
• Min. DPI/CPI: 50
• Sensor: Optical
• Chip: Pixart PMW-3389
• Illumination: RGB
• Max. Polling Rate: 1,000 Hz
• Frames Per Second: 16,000
• Inches Per Second: 400
• Max. Acceleration: 50g
• Honeycomb Structure: ✓
• Customizable Design: ✓
• Mouse Feet: 5, Pure PTFE
• Weight Without Cable: 62g
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 66 x 42 mm
• Supported Operating Systems: Windows
• Number of Buttons: 6
• Programmable Buttons: 6
• Durable Omron Switches in Left and Right Mouse Buttons: ✓
• Operating Life Cycles of Buttons: Min. 20 Million Clicks
• DPI Steps: 400; 800; 1,200; 2,400; 3,200; 6,400; 16,000*
• DPI Switch: ✓
• DPI Indicator: LED
• Gaming Software: ✓
• Onboard Memory for Game Profiles: ✓
• Capacity of Onboard Memory: 64 kb
• Number of Profiles: 5
• Connector: USB
• Gold-Plated USB Plug: ✓
• Ultraflexible Cable: ✓
• Textile Braided Cable: ✓
• Cable Length: 180 cm
• *DPI steps are customizable through the software



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