Sharkoon Shark Zone M52 8200 DPI Laser Gaming


Sharkoon Shark Zone M52 8200 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse, Retail Box , 1 Year warranty

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Sharkoon Shark Zone M52 8200 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse, Retail Box , 1 Year warranty.
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lassically Comfortable Outside
Design purists, who will not compromise on features, will love the Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M52 gaming mouse. Its rich black surface is timelessly classic, without corners and edges, and is made for every workplace and every gaming niche. Its symmetrical shape with easily accessible, flat side buttons is perfectly ergonomic and is always comfortable while working and playing. The textile braided cable, in typical black-yellow SHARK ZONE design, as well as the matching white illuminated logo and RGB illuminated bottom, show off all the necessary highlights. Thanks to its comfortable, rubber surface the featherweight M52 remains comfortable and keeps a perfect hold even after hours of use.
Demanding Inside
As much as the outside of the M52 shows its gentle side, it is just as demanding on its inside: high quality Omron switches in both the left and right mouse buttons ensure a long operating life cycle of at least 10 million clicks. The Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor achieves a highly precise 8,200 DPI, which can be individually set for every situation in gradual 100 DPI steps. Four DPI steps are already factory preset and can be accessed quickly via the discreet DPI button on its surface, which will increase the SHARK ZONE logo brightness with each adjusted step. Like all the other seven buttons on the M52, the DPI selector can be assigned up to five individual configurations through the provided software, which contains numerous Windows and multimedia commands, X-shot function as well as macros.
And Always Easy to Use
A current game profile, including all software settings, can be saved directly to the onboard memory of the M52; there is no limit to the number of additional profiles that can be created and saved on the PC and then loaded onto the mouse. The software is designed so that all functions are easily customized with a few clicks as possible. All changes are then immediately transferred to the M52 in real time. The four preset DPI steps as well as the RGB illumination for the color and effects on the bottom can be easily adjusted. The mouse sensitivity, mouse acceleration and polling rage can also be easily adjusted, as well.


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