Tevo Magneto Rechargeable LED Lantern Emergency


Tevo Magneto Rechargeable LED Lantern Emergency Light-1000 Lumen LED Lantern, Up To 60 Hours Of Light On A Single Charge, 2 Modes: Power-Saver And Ultra-Bright. Built-In Discharge And Overcharge Battery Protection, USB Port To Charge Your Mobile Phone, On-Board Power Cord And Wall-Hanging Mounts, Solar Panel Compatibility, Colour Black, Retail Box 1 Year Warranty

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Tevo Magneto LED Lantern (Black) 2.0, Retail Box , 1 year warranty

Product Overview
The Magneto Rechargeable LED Lantern is a powerful 1000 lumen room-filling light! It’s perfect for power cuts and switches on automatically as soon as the power goes off if connected to a plug point.

• Powerful 1000 lumen LED lantern
• Automatic switch on during power outages when plugged into a wall socket
• Up to 60 hours of light on a single charge!
• 2 Modes: Power-Saver and Ultra-Bright
• Perfect for studying, camping and more!
• Built-in discharge and overcharge circuits for battery protection
• USB port to charge your mobile phone
• Onboard power cord and wall-hanging mounts
• Solar panel compatibility


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Dimensions 21,9 cm