UniQue CAT6 UTP Copper Clad Aluminium


UniQue CAT6 UTP Copper Clad Aluminium, 305M, CCA cable, Retail Box, No Warranty

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UniQue UTP CAT6 CCA 305M, Retail Box, No Warranty
Product Overview
A Cat 6 cable is used mainly for computer networks reaching a Gb, 1000 Mbps or one Gbps of data transfer speed (DTR) or higher. Characteristics are as follows
•UTP, unshielded twisted pair cable
•Copper-coated aluminium (CCA)
•Ideal for transporting data, audio and video
•Consists of four pairs of copper wires, which are all utilized for data transfer
•Provides more enhanced crosstalk and attenuation protection than its previous twisted pair cable versions.
•Product code: TR-58003
•Description: Unique UTP CAT6 CCA 305M
•Jacket: PVC Grey
•Not shielded, four twisted pairs with separator
•23 AWG
•Roll length: 305m
What’s in the box
•UniQue UTP CAT6 CCA 305M x 1




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