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Apex Teaching you Supervisory Skills, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software

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Apex Teaching you Supervisory Skills, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software

Product Overview
Improve your team’s performance with this essential training aid

Are you an ‘old school’ supervisor or a ‘new school’ supervisor? Do you know different forms of power that they exercise? Did you even know there were different power influences?-Teaching-you Supervisory Skills can help you discern the difference and guide you toward more productive and effective team management.

Whether you are new to the role or just feel that you could develop your management techniques, Teaching-you Supervisory Skills can lead you in the right direction to improve your personal performance and boost your team’s enthusiasm.
 The key to success lies in how well you manage performance, your ability to communicate proactively, your coaching abilities, and your attitude towards change. Teaching-you Supervisory Skills provides you with everything you need to successfully perfect these skills and incorporate them into your own work life.

Stop taking on all the workload yourself and let your team input their skills and knowledge. Project your expectations and maintain their motivation with positive feedback to ensure that your team is working to its full potential. The results will be both noticeable and rewarding.
 What are you waiting for? Teaching-you Supervisory Skills will give you the confidence and support to become a great boss in every area.

-Mini-progress tests – check your understanding as you progress through the topics.
-Audio video clips with key supporting points –
-listen to the video and then remind yourself of the key points.
-Mini-video assessments – evaluate the best course of action .
-Quick start – start the course where you finished last time.
-Follow your progress on the main menu – know what sections you have covered.
-Personal evaluation and tips for further study – see if and where you need to improve your knowledge.

•Watch characters at work and critique their performance
•Project your expectations and help your team accomplish them
•Learn strategies for delegating, planning and problem-solving
•Readiness assessment rate your own supervisory skills and readiness
•Mini-progress tests and Mini-video assessments
•Video examples and audio video clips with key supporting points
•Case studies watch characters at work and critique their performance
•Clearly categorised sections take a section at a time and follow your progress
•Post assessment and personal evaluation
•Different supervisory styles from author Rick Conlow

• Minimum Requirements: Windows® 98 / Me / 2000 / XP
• Pentium® 133 or equivalent
• 80MB Hard Drive Space
• 32MB RAM
• 800x600x16bit colour
• CD-ROM Speed 4x or faster
• Any 100% Windows® compatible soundcard
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• Publisher: Focus
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