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ThrustMaster T-Mega Pack for PS2 ,Set Of Quality Playstation® 2 Accessories With A Fresh New Design, Retail Box, 3 months warranty

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ThrustMaster T-Mega Pack for Nintendo Wii ,Retail Box 3 months warranty

  1. Kart-style racing wheel with rubber grip
  2. Comes with infrared pointer to browse in-game menus without having to remove the Wii Remote from the wheel
  3. Realistic and ergonomic shape: Standard positioning of the hands on the wheel (“10 past 10”) thus ensuring all Wii Remote buttons are easily accessible
  4. Features access slots and a cable guide for users wishing to connect an additional Nunchuk controller
  5. Vertical storage base for 1 Wii Remote and 1 Nunchuk, in a clean white lacquered finish to complement the Nintendo Wii console
  6. Built-in battery charger connects to the console’s USB port (or to any other device featuring a USB port, e.g. a PC)
  7. Thick (2 mm) white silicone protector offering unequaled shock protection
  8. Unique shape and texture for optimum grip




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