ThrustMaster T Pack Only for Boys


ThrustMaster T Pack Only for Boys -4 game pockets, stylus pocket, adjustable cross-over shoulder strap, Case for MP3 player or mobile phone, Can also be used to on any 7 inch Tablet PC, Retail Box 3 months warranty

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ThrustMaster T-Pack Only for Boys Retail Box 3 months warranty
Product Overview
With the “Only for Boys” T-Pack 2, Thrustmaster offers boys a complete, compact solution. The pack is based around a rigid case crafted of EVA with a trendy camouflage motif. It includes a compartment for a DS Lite, plus another for storing accessories for the console. A wrist strap is also included for optimal security.
To allow users to enjoy the sound from their DS Lite or retreat into their own world, the “Only for Boys” T-Pack 2 includes a pair of ultra-light stereo necklace earphones with a 10mm driver (16 ohms). A removable clip attaches to the earphone cable, featuring a “Thrustmaster Elite Member” tag, identifying the user as belonging to this group.
Please Note: The Carry Case can also be use to on any 7″ Tablet PC


•”Parachute material” street-style carry bag set:
•High-end carry bag with cross-over shoulder strap, secure metal buckles, and metal zipper
•1 DS Lite compartment with attachment strap and removable protective cushion plus removable separation for multiple uses
•4 game pockets
•1 stylus pocket
•1 adjustable cross-over shoulder strap
•2 accessory compartments with removable separation for storing the USB recharging system and earphones or other items
•Case for MP3 player or mobile phone:
•Belt attachment option
•Shoulder strap attachment option
•Stereo “behind the neck” earphones for DS LITE
•Khaki Boy replacement stylus
•USB cable recharging system:
•Charge from a PC or Mac
•Charge from a PS2/PS3/Wii/Xbox360 console
•MP3 player attachment system:
•Removable clip on earphone cord
•”Thrustmaster Elite Member” tag 


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