Apex Teaching you Clarinet Skills


Apex Teaching you Clarinet Skills, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software

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Apex Teaching you Clarinet Skills, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software

Product Overview
Teaching-you Clarinet Skills is the ultimate beginners CD-ROM for anyone who wants to learn to play the clarinet. Starting from the basics of assembling your clarinet through to and including all the knowledge required for Grade I, this program will teach you all you need to know in a clear and friendly way.
As you progressively learn the key fingering positions and how to read music, you can play along to backing tracks or have a go at performing a solo.

Teaching-you Clarinet Skills contains 100 inspiring and easy-to-follow lessons, with supporting video clips and MIDI file accompaniments to play along to.


-Learn key techniques
Presented in a clearly laid out interface, everything you need for one lesson is accessible off the main screen. Read about basic clarinet techniques before watching a tutorial video, or print each lesson as a PDF to take away with you. You can also print out scores and sight-reading exercises to help develop your music theory and reading skills.

-Practise your skills

Practise your newly-learnt skills with real audio accompaniments. Speed up, slow down or mute others instruments or select certain bars to loop, allowing you to practise tricky areas. Other features include a metronome facility for all MIDI tracks and a recording facility so that you can record yourself playing and review your progress – you can even write your tunes to a CD*.

• 100 lessons in ten chapters each with a printable score and PDF.
• 100 supporting tutorial videos so you can see exactly how to play.
• Starts from beginners level through to and including Royal College of Music Grade I.
• MIDI backing tracks with variable speed.
• Real audio accompaniments with volume and pan controls.
• Looped practice allows you to focus on any tricky areas.
• Fingering chart facility for all notes covered in the program.
• Recording facility records your performance so you can review your progress.
• Teaches you how to read and compose music as well as covering elementary improvisation.

Minimum Requirements:
• PC Operating System: Windows® 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / x64
• PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium® III 600 or equivalent
• Hard Drive Space (MB): 500MB
• Memory: 128MB
• Graphics: 1024x768x16 bit colour
• CD/DVD-ROM Speed: 8x or faster*
• Audio: Any 100% system compatible soundcard
• Printer: Optional (Recommended)
• Extra Info: *A CD writer and all necessary CD writing software must be present on your system to burn CDs. A microphone is optional
• Category: Educational
• Publisher: Focus
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